synesthesia/amnesia – a flash fiction

TW: mental illness, unreality, blood, implied murder/death   It’s easy to forget -- (the world likes to shift, when she isn’t looking, although it’s true that nothing has really changed) --that things haven’t always been this way. Once upon a time, everything wasn’t so loud. She heard the gorgeous images along with the cruel ones, … Continue reading synesthesia/amnesia – a flash fiction

Wires & Ribbons /// a flash fiction

TW: hospitals, AIDS crisis, death, grief. Tongues tangling into teeth. Lips wavering, trembling, hands unsteady and working with a language they don’t know. I can hear your thoughts, frantic with misery, you just missed him, you just missed him. It’s been two hours since time of death. I’m nobody. Not really. I’m a medical coder, … Continue reading Wires & Ribbons /// a flash fiction