Inktober/OctPoWriMo/Goretober Day 1: Andvari Made You

Hey folks! Every year, I write poems for OctPoWriMo – October Poetry Writing Month – but I don’t always like the prompts. Instead, I mix whatever prompts I like from Inktober, Goretober and the OctPoWriMo sheets. Goretober is one of my particular favourites given my leanings towards horror, so heads up that some of these poems are daaaark.

Day One, however, I used the Inktober prompt of ‘Ring’.


Spiraled metal, gemstones carved in fire-hearted gold
a curse, a gift, an offering, means by which undone
was the hall of kings and heroes, was the hall of gods
crumbling into dust and ash below the hoary sky.

Andvari made you, flame-in-fire, melted down your veins
trapped in an unending circle, mouth-to-tail engraved
Andvari’s magic winds you, round finger into bone
Forever you’ll be searching, for what you cannot say.

Once back in time that time forgot, you were someone else
maiden, boy, or both or none, details that none can tell
Long ago, you say you were more than a treasure won
that was before and this is now – still you don’t know why

Andvari forged you into treasure – that’s what he says
he set your eyes with rubies and filled your heart with stone
when you were stolen, this he swore, all thieves to ruin come;
the curse, though, on your bearers, is your own formless rage.

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