Inktober/Goretober/OctPoWriMo: October 3: Flytrap

I used both the Inktober prompt ‘Bait’ and the Goretober prompt ‘Reclaimed by Nature’ for this one! TW: cannibalism and NSFW/sexual content. Not explicit, but still.

you open your mouth
you lie in wait
you paint your lips
and set the bait
you twist your hips
you show your legs
you flash your eyes
until he begs

you suck his finger
bite his ear
grind on his jeans
mix lust and fear
you drag him off
into the dark
you push him down
you leave your marks

he says he loves you
he might mean it
he calls you goddess
he calls you Venus
and when his face
lolls with a grin
you unhinge your jaw –
you take him in.

you open your mouth
fresh from the kill
you set the bait –
you’re hungry still.

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