Jewels /// Goretober – October 1st

I have, last minute, decided to restart my tradition of doing Goretober poems! This time around, I’m not going to mix prompts; the prompt list I’m working from is on my Twitter. This one is being posted right away since it was so spontaneous, but future ones will go up a day early on my Patreon since I am way overdue for some content, and my reading and reviewing have been very, very behind.

TW for implied abuse and/or self harm.

How quickly, deftly skin does bruise –
How kaleidoscopic its design –
How like stained glass in its display,
How bittersweet in its dismay,
How little pressure is required!
The price to gain so very small –
I’m covered head to toe with jewels
and see, I’ve hardly cried at all.

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