Chapter 9: Eye for an Eye

CW: self-harm, blood, injury, violence, empathy issues, psychosis, mental illness ROSENHILL ACADEMY, DEN ELESSA, 1916 My favourite pastime is seeing how many people underestimate me because I’m a Bard. Far too many people assume Bards can’t be dangerous. Who could possibly fear music? I like to establish their belief in that before the running and … Continue reading Chapter 9: Eye for an Eye

Chapter 8: Thistle and Vervain

CW: alcohol. homophobia referenced, homophobic slur, racism, self-destructiveness discussed …When the girl was done freeing the snake from the stones, she waited, and held her breath. The snake said, “That was foolish. I could have bitten you. I might still do so, now that I am free.”“Perhaps,” she said. “You might not.”…æʤa shé-besate adjashinén antik … Continue reading Chapter 8: Thistle and Vervain