Ghosts in Quicksilver

‘Ghosts in Quicksilver’ is an urban fantasy detective noir following 17-year-old Jamal as she tries to solve the first case she’s ever been offered – a missing-persons case that she already knows is a murder mystery. It soon spins out of her control and out of her hands, as it’s made abundantly clear that not only is she not the only freak in Ottawa – she’s far from the biggest or the baddest.

This webnovel is part of the Alkimia Fables universe; read about it here.

General warnings: ‘Ghosts in Quicksilver’ will contain violence, dead bodies, scenes alluding to sexual violence, and in-depth discussions of physical, emotional and sexual violence and abuse. No explicit sexual scenes will be written for this story.


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Chapter One: The Vanishing of Mr. Chaudhury
Chapter Two: Dearly Reluctant Departed
Chapter Three: Unknown Variables
Chapter Four: The Lebreton Dead
Chapter Five: Green Eyed Monster
Chapter Six: Thinking Loudly
Chapter Seven: Pretending to be Normal
Chapter Eight: The Stranger
Chapter Nine: Once More For Clarity
Chapter Ten: The Back and Forth
Chapter Eleven: A Little Fucked Up
Chapter Twelve: Avoiding the Question
Chapter Thirteen: Chasing the Threads
Chapter Fourteen: Thief
Chapter Fifteen: Ophis
Chapter Sixteen: The Girl in the Empty Classroom
Chapter Seventeen: Strangers Like Me 
Chapter Eighteen: God’s Children
Chapter Nineteen: Honour the Dead
Chapter Twenty: Heartbeats Between the Match and the Fire