After the Rain and Ruin

TRIGGER WARNINGS: After the Rain and Ruin is a very, very dark story. If you’re somebody who’s read my fanfiction, it has more in common with The Lies The Movies Told Me and Seven Names of Envy Angevin than it does Ghosts in Quicksilver, despite having cast crossover. 

So, a non-exhaustive list of expected trigger warnings: incest/sibling sexual abuse, child sexual abuse, sexual assault, drug abuse/overdose, death, murder, body horror, severe injuries, gun violence, delusions/hallucinations/unreality, difficult family relationships, unsafe/risky sex work, self-harm and attempted suicide.

About AtRaR: It’s March 2013, and Cassandra Angevin has just shown up at her estranged twin sister’s door smelling of smoke and walking on a broken ankle. She and Willow are now the last surviving members of their family; all they have is each other. Learning how to like each other is easier said than done, though, when the weight of their history is so strong.

stories begin and end with scripts ˑ do you miss me ˑ the watchman
(Untitled 1 – Keane)


1.1 – Cassandra: Two Halves
the unbelieved prediction ˑ the unforeseen future ˑ the unexpected inevitable
(Alteration – Watchdog Reset)

1.2 – Calypso: Lessons for 21st Century Nobility
children should be seen not heard ˑ what is love without fear ˑ what is fear without love
(Honeythief – Halou)

1.3 – Cassandra: A Room Of One’s Own
a gap a thousand words too wide ˑ over and out and stop ˑ a settling
(Losing the Light – Explosions in the Sky)

1.4 – Cassandra: Two Pieces (October 21st)
1.5 – Willow: Anglerfish (October 28th)
1.6 – Willow: Ten Minutes
1.7 – Cassandra: Blood in the Water
1.8 – Cassandra: And Then There Were None
1.9 – Willow: The Shadow You Cast
1.10 – Cassandra: Sure
1.11 – Willow: Angelus
1.12 – Avery: Capitol After Midnight