BELL, CLOCK AND CANDLE: Dramatis Personae

This is a full character list for Bell, Clock and Candle. Beware: this is updated to the latest chapter (as of latest update, this is chapter 19!)
Character art is a mix of Picrews and images generated in ArtBreeder.

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Rook Zeesohn

  • Age: 18
  • Rank: Thaumatist-Major
  • Specialty: Combining thaum schools; can use all four
  • Height: 5’6
  • Weight: Too low
  • Ethnicity: Presumably Elessan; unknown.
  • Nicknames: Birdie, Ghost
  • Family: Unknown; until 18th birthday was legally Scheffen’s ward
  • Birthday: Unknown; legally marked as April 2nd, 1903.
  • Relationships: Close friends with Hank Blanchard, Thomas Karella-Baer, Olive Baer and Jacob Lambert. Not so close with Scheffen.
  • First appearance: Prologue

Often seen with some sort of weird animal hanging around him. (His familiar, but not everyone knows that.) Suffers from low empathy, chronic joint pain, hallucinations and other worrying symptoms that he largely keeps to himself as much as possible. Also suffering a horrible, life-ruining crush on Jacob Lambert and pretending otherwise. Also notable is his penchant for low-key crossdressing; low-key in that not everybody realizes he’s wearing a skirt until they look down or someone else points it out. He gets rather stubborn about it not being girls’ clothing if he’s wearing it, technically.

Rook’s Familiar

  • Age: Unknown; at least six but probably older
  • Height: Variable
  • Weight: Variable
  • Species: Variable
  • Nicknames: Bitey, Brat
  • Family: Rook, one way or another
  • Relationships: Really likes Csindra. Mixed feelings on Scheffen, apparently.
  • First appearance: Prologue

Rook’s familiar – or pet, if you prefer – has been with him since he washed up on the shore of Bay Frosch. Every new moon, clearly with no input from him, he’s changed into a different animal; there doesn’t appear to be much rhyme or reason to it, only that feral magic is involved somehow. It’s even unclear if he began as human. What is clear is that he loves Rook to pieces, and would do anything for him – which extends to telling Rook, with body language, when he’s being an idiot. Rook hasn’t named him, in part to keep up the illusion that he is separate animals every month instead of the same being, but frequently calls him unflattering nicknames – usually after getting nipped.

Csindra Djaneki Shelash’ Kekash’ angat-Mornai angat-Tenton

Picrew by @lawful_awful
  • Age: 19
  • Rank: Currently and technically Sergeant Contractor, much to her humiliation.
  • Specialty: Energy/reaction-based Bloodwork and double-headed battleaxe
  • Height: 5’5
  • Ethnicity: Kanet’
  • Nicknames: Csin, Shindræ, Carrot
  • Family: Mari (sister), Mornai (mother)
  • Birthday: December 5th, 1902
  • Relationships: Friends with Bryd and Kestrel. Getting there with Rook, under duress. Not on good terms with her sister.
  • First appearance: Chapter 1

Depressed and snarky muscle-for-hire with a possible death wish and a chronic inability to keep her mouth shut. Csindra left home at sixteen to work as a mercenary, and has done an alright job, although she’s served some time behind bars as an inevitable consequence and avoids going home at all costs. A self-taught Bloodworker, and also has come into possession of an enchanted axe that returns to her hand when she throws it; also a lesbian, although she’s somewhat disinterested in sex which throws people off sometimes. (In modern terms, she’s on both the asexual and aromantic spectrum; those words just don’t really exist yet.)

Sylvia Christadocht Scheffen

  • Age: 30
  • Rank: Thaumatist-Major
  • Specialty: Mirrorwork; portable and clockwork prisms
  • Height: 6’0
  • Ethnicity: Nguan/Shufennese/Elessan
  • Nicknames: Syl
  • Family: None; previously Rook’s legal guardian, stress on ‘legal’
  • Birthday: Somewhere in 1891
  • Relationships: Involved with Jacob Lambert to some degree; close friends with both Thomas Karella-Baer and Olive Baer; not as close as she’d like with Rook.
  • First appearance: Prologue

Sylvia found Rook Zeesohn on the shores of Bay Frosch in 1915, and since then, she’s been his legal guardian, hands-off teacher, and otherwise (according to him) the bane of his existence. Career-minded, ambitious, and comes off colder than she’d like, mostly because she’s exceedingly bad with the basics of compassion and prefers the Black Widow aesthetic to sincerity. (It’s safer. And easier.) Has a mysterious past, an affinity for the underdog, a hatred for the Rivieres, and a complicated relationship with her own status as a mixed-race queer woman who’s not quite hiding either of those things, but not flaunting them, either.

Jacob Erikssohn Lambert

  • Age: 29
  • Rank: Second Lieutenant
  • Specialty: Sharpshooter and security expert
  • Height: 6’4
  • Ethnicity: Nguan/Shufennese/Elessan
  • Nicknames: Shrike (if you want to piss him off), Jake
  • Family: Thomas Karella-Baer (in spirit, anyway)
  • Birthday: Somewhere in 1892
  • Relationships: Involved with Sylvia Scheffen to some degree; friends with Davis Heinkel, flirting incessantly with Tiffany Baer, past something with Dasta Raspellov, complicated relationship with Odette Riviere-Weiss
  • First appearance: Chapter 4

Incessant flirt, as openly bisexual as one can safely be when it’s technically illegal, a head taller than almost everyone else, and loves playing the goofball who hates being at work while paying a remarkable amount of attention to everything around him. Lives in the same apartment building as Rook, initially to keep an eye on him while he settled in, now just because he likes the company when Rook shows up out of boredom. Remarkably unprofessional, in large part because he hasn’t been promoted since he was 19, knows why, and has mostly given up. He’s there to support Scheffen and do what he likes doing.

Heath Izaaksohn Garrow

Age: early 50s
Position: Judge and Parliament Triumvir; unofficial sole Garrow Parliament Representative,
Height: 6’0
Ethnicity: Elessan
Nicknames: Perceval, Leontikos (Dasta, Anya), Endonsohn (derogatory),
Family: Izaak Garrow (father, deceased, along with rest of Garrow family), Deirdre Weiss (mother, deceased) Henriette Garrow (sister, deceased), Endon Forrath (adopted father, deceased), Callum Forrath (adopted brother, deceased), Anya Scarlatova (wife), Coben Garrow (oldest son), Deirdre Garrow (daughter), Rue Garrow (younger son)
Birthday: 1871
Relationships: Deeply in love with his wife Anya Scarlatova, fond of Jacob and Sylvia, hates Dasta despite being close-ish in the past
First appearance: Chapter 15

Easy to underestimate and hard to read, Heath Garrow’s family was slaughtered when he was 11 years old and he was kidnapped and raised by the man responsible. Despite what was done to him, he remembered nonetheless (thanks in part to his adoptive brother, Callum) and led a successful revolution in his early 40s – unseating and killing the Dragon of Vijchmaar, Endon Forrath. Garrow has held the position of Judge ever since, trying to restore balance to the triumvirate after the dictatorship without allowing any of the manor families to gain dominance over any others – and trying to restore status to the Garrow family, which currently numbers three men including him. Cynical but strangely well-humored, Heath’s good intentions clash repeatedly with what he sees as the non-negotiable means to those ends.

Tiffany Magnadocht Baer

  • Age: 21
  • Rank: Second Lieutenant
  • Specialty: Excellent memory, hyperlexic
  • Height: 5’4
  • Ethnicity: Elessan
  • Nicknames: Tiff, The Baby (not to her face)
  • Family: She’s a Baer, this isn’t going to fit here.
  • Birthday: 1900
  • Relationships: Pretending she isn’t crushing madly on Jacob and Wolfie. Way too shy to do anything about it and might collapse if either of them actually propositioned her. (Wolfie has a bet going. Jacob is slightly classier.)

One of the newest members of Scheffen’s NatSec unit and the youngest of the adult Baer children, Tiffany also has the unfortunate situation of not even being the only 2nd Lieutenant Magnadocht Baer, leaving her in the unenviable position of being called by her first name until her brother hurries up and gets promoted. (Or she does. That hasn’t occurred to her yet.) Almost devastatingly shy but a quick learner and endlessly sweet, Tiff takes Jacob’s teasing in good humor, although she hasn’t quite realized he’s at least partially serious.

Theolykos ‘Wolfie’ zier Ententeich Achielsohn Vandemeer

  • Age: 25
  • Rank: Thaumatist-Lieutenant
  • Specialty: Smoke, vehicle specialist and bomb defuser
  • Height: 5’10
  • Ethnicity: Elessan
  • Nicknames: Wolfie (won’t answer to his full name), Luke (his parents/uncles)
  • Family: Theophania (sister), Theodore and Theosophus (cousins), Achiel (dad), Jan and Stefaan (uncles), Elisabeth (mother)
  • Birthday: 1896
  • Relationships: Engaged to Ive Haber; arranged by their parents but they get along pretty well nonetheless. Somewhat adversarial friends with Rook – Wolfie likes him but can’t stop treating him like a bratty younger sibling

The third of the thaumatists on Scheffen’s team (the other two being Rook and Scheffen herself), and also deeply fond of mechanics and chemicals in their own right. Wolfie has a reputation both within the unit and the wider NatSec division as a wild card, almost more so than Rook who at least has an excuse; while he’s calmed down a lot with both Ive and Scheffen’s influence, he was transferred out of his last unit for biting someone. Considers himself friends with everyone, doesn’t take direction well without a bit of extra nudging, but does excellently once he gets himself together. One of the Vandemeer children and one of the families hardest hit by the Forrath dictatorship, which explains a lot of his issues.

Roxanna “Olive” Olivadocht Baer

  • Age: 32
  • Rank: Major
  • Specialty: Investigating serial killers
  • Height: 5’7
  • Ethnicity: Elessan
  • Nicknames: Olive, Roxie
  • Family: *gestures at the Baers again*, Thomas Karella-Baer (husband), Alice Karella-Baer (daughter)
  • Birthday:
  • Relationships: Friends with Sylvia, still friends but a touch uncomfortable around Jacob, loves teasing Rook/older sister-aunt figure, seething hatred towards Cyril Bergen

Bubbly, blonde and energetic, Olive has quite happily stolen her father’s name as a slightly more professional shorthand in the workplace and practically sparkles even when investigating bloody, devastated crime scenes. (It’s arguably a defense mechanism, except she also does really like jewellery and pink things.) Married to Thomas Karella-Baer, and would have changed her last name, but her family refused point blank because of his complete and utter lack of status, so she made them accept a hyphen for him and her daughter instead. She and Jacob get along most of the time, but she can’t quite shake the lingering jealousy or discomfort from his long friendship with Thomas.

Odette Jeroendocht Riviere-Weiss

Age: 26
Height: 5’3 (but usually seated)
Ethnicity: Elessan
Nicknames: Dottie (Vandemeer kids when they’re trying to drive her crazy)
Family: Jeroen Riviere (father), the rest of the Rivieres
Birthday: 1895
Relationships: Flirtatious relationship with Jacob (nothing official or spoken), cousins and friends with the Vandemeer kids (and by extension the Garrow kids)

A polio survivor and the only child of Jeroen Riviere, Odette is the youngest adult Riviere and not precisely treated as one, in large part because of being “confined” to a wheelchair. Truthfully, she considers the wheelchair more freeing than confining, and would even more so if more of Den Elessa was built to handle it, but convincing others of this is a long-standing problem. To make up for the way she’s infantilized by others, Odette has a sharp tongue and an unfortunate tendency towards manipulation, provocation and pure contrariness. Despite this, though, she

Coben Heathsohn Garrow

Age: 21
Position: None yet, but set to become the first official Garrow Parliament Representative in several decades
Specialty: Certainly not politics. (He’s never told anybody but he likes writing fiction.)
Height: 6’2
Ethnicity: Elessan/Kallistan
Nicknames: Ben (the Vandemeer kids), Kan’jubą (Mari)
Birthday: 1900
Relationships: In love with Mari, brief something with Theophania (one-sided from her direction). Good relationship with both parents but starting to question some of what he’s been told; close friends with the Vandemeer kids and gets along well with his siblings despite some competitiveness.
First appearance: Chapter 22

Dangerously naive with a deep-seated sense of fairness and his own share of trauma, Coben’s public image as the oldest Garrow son is one of an aloof, cold loner – which couldn’t be farther from the truth. Coben loves people; he just has no social skills, something he seems to have unfortunately picked up from his late uncle. He’s more likely to point out the awkward tension between a recently and secretly separated couple than he is to keep his mouth shut, and he’s prone to taking people at face value unless he has some actual reason to do otherwise – which would be fine if half the country didn’t have reason to want him dead. He’s quiet and thoughtful much of the time, although sometimes all that time spent being thoughtful leads him to ludicrous conclusions that are charming if not altogether helpful.

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