Chapter 17: Silvered Back

When Csindra woke up on the spare bed that was still a little dusty, but ultimately comfortable enough, she was tempted to believe that the previous night had been a dream. The cuts on her arms told her differently; so did the burns that were still aching, although Rook had done a good job with helping them heal a little faster. Still, it would have been easier.

Chapter 16: Aeolian Twilight

CW: war, death (incl. parental death), injury shé-l-atìrin', eth’drital’ba, sha-dæl’ʤibez ì’hum sho-kélis’ziþunuz meleǩ’ shua-zhenadjaz, benadjez bą^ sheǩ^tesætézenuval’rązot, avol’rązot, vel’rąz^ - isha suǩa sharal?æʤa en’djaǩajot, eshną nedbą tek en’djeǩ’ djukal’.The candle and the picture-frame, the shoes upon the floorThe empty eyes of our boys, the girls who cry no moreWe sing, we play, we tell our … Continue reading Chapter 16: Aeolian Twilight

Chapter 14: Low Tide

CW: self-harm/cutting (aftermath on screen), psychosis, delusions, paranoia, disordered eating, injury, passive suicidal ideation, horrible self-esteem All Bards build their own spells eventually; it’s the most intrinsic part of Songwork, that your most efficient and effective spells will always be the ones you write yourself. Still, there are some practical concerns. When writing spellsongs, always … Continue reading Chapter 14: Low Tide

Chapter 13: Jasper Crescent

CW: PTSD flashbacks, paranoia The Office of the Commander-in-Chief denies that such thing as the Black Guard ever existed; if such company ever existed, it was without the knowledge, approval or support of the Elessan Armed Forces, and the actions attributed to the Black Guard are roundly condemned.Official Statement from the Desk of Commander Cyril … Continue reading Chapter 13: Jasper Crescent