Chapter 14: Low Tide

CW: self-harm/cutting (aftermath on screen), psychosis, delusions, paranoia, disordered eating, injury, passive suicidal ideation, horrible self-esteem All Bards build their own spells eventually; it’s the most intrinsic part of Songwork, that your most efficient and effective spells will always be the ones you write yourself. Still, there are some practical concerns. When writing spellsongs, always … Continue reading Chapter 14: Low Tide

Chapter 13: Jasper Crescent

CW: PTSD flashbacks, paranoia The Office of the Commander-in-Chief denies that such thing as the Black Guard ever existed; if such company ever existed, it was without the knowledge, approval or support of the Elessan Armed Forces, and the actions attributed to the Black Guard are roundly condemned.Official Statement from the Desk of Commander Cyril … Continue reading Chapter 13: Jasper Crescent

Chapter 12: Safeguards Against Chaos

CW: racism in profiling, heavy paranoia, workplace flirting*, delusions/psychosis, disordered eating, parental control Smokework, of the systems of thaumaturgy, is moste divers in the immensity of its potential variations; all of the things that groweth from the earth haveth meanings and uses, between three and seven, and can be combined and burned to cast spells … Continue reading Chapter 12: Safeguards Against Chaos

Chapter 11: Endless Waters

CW: death/murder, body horror, background racism Prior to the Forrath years, deaths from feral magic were matters of people wandering out-of-bounds, or active attacks. However, as Forrath’s influence grew worse, something equally terrible began to rise in response to his cruelties; humans attempting to bypass the intense study of structured magic entirely and make deals … Continue reading Chapter 11: Endless Waters