ELESSA: Smokework and Medicine

Quick reference:
Antibiotic: kills bacteria, stops bacterial infection
Antimicrobial: kills or fights microbes, stops microbial infection
Astringent: help constrict or contract skin, mucous membranes, etc. (ex. to treat oily skin or reduce seeping)
Emetic: induces vomiting
Emollient: soothes skin


TREATMENTS: burns (ext.), dislocated joints (ext.), diarrhea, diseased wounds, fever, irritated digestive/urinary tracts, upset stomach, venom; skin soother/emollient
CONTAINS: Mucilage, tannin
SIDE EFFECTS: Constipation (in high doses)*
SYMBOLS: (1) Relief* (2) Comfort/soothing* (3) Artifice, a clever trick
FOUND IN: Tropical and semi-tropical forests; Meergaarten, Forcett
OTHER NOTES: Invasive.
OTHER NAMES: Acanthus mollis (Toryan), ląkaǩ-zaragu (Kanet’valan)


TREATMENTS: (bark) astringent, hemorrhage, lice (ext.), inflammation (ext.), scabies (ext.) scabs (ext.), swellings (ext.); (leaves) cancer of breast, duodenum, esophagus, face, pylorus, pancreas, rectum, throat, tongue and uterus.
CONTAINS: salicin, (bark, leaves) tannin
SIDE EFFECTS: (bark) vomiting if fresh; pollen is a moderate allergen; bark makes black dye (with iron sulphate), shoots make yellow/cinnamon dye, catkins make green dye, fresh-cut wood pinkish-fawn dye
SYMBOLS: (1) Liminality (2) Dream (3) Divination (4) The Drowned Dead (5) Resurrection
OTHER NOTES: sticky young leaves used to catch insects; white when cut then turns pale red
OTHER NAMES: Alnus glutinosa (Toryan), Am’man-at’sotąn (Kanet’valan)


TREATMENTS: antibiotic, tonsillitis; (bark) deep wounds (ext.), emetic, colds (ext.), fever, fungal infections, hemorrhoids (ext.), inflammation, poison oak/insect bites (ext.), lymphatic disorders, tuberculosis; (leaves and cones) gout, inflammation, rheumatism (ext.), muscular back pain (ext.), suppress lactation (ext.)
CONTAINS: betulin, lupeol; (bark) dye, salicin, tannin, (leaves/cones) dye
SIDE EFFECTS: Pollen is a major allergen (Sept-Dec); cones make black dye, outer bark makes red dye, inner bark makes dull yellow; cones/catkins edible
SYMBOLS: (1) Easer of doubt (2) Stability (3) Protection (4) Divination
OTHER NOTES: nitrogen-fixer; red when cut
OTHER NAMES: Alnus rubra (Toryan), Am’man-ravòta (Kanet’valan)


TREATMENTS: (berries) abdominal pain, antimicrobial, colds, diabetes, diarrhea, fever, flatulence/gas, heavy menstruation, high blood pressure, indigestion, intestinal gas, neuralgia, laxative, rheumatism, vomiting; (leaves) bacterial infections, fungal infections, high blood sugar, rheumatism, smoking cravings
CONTAINS: Eugenol, magnesium
SIDE EFFECTS: irritates mucosal membranes (throat, nose, etc.)
SYMBOLS: (1) Determination (2) Energy (3) Money/riches (4) Luck
OTHER NOTES: Grows in tropical areas, desert
OTHER NAMES: Pimenta dioica (Toryan), dokas’pelut (Kanet’valan)


TREATMENTS: acne, burns, cholinergic (treats nervous system conditions), cold sores, dry skin, frostbite, psoriasis, rashes, wounds (all ext.); constipation
SIDE EFFECTS: toxic when ingested at high doses, can cause colorectal cancer long-term, cramping/diarrhea when ingested
SYMBOLS: (1) Affection (2) Luck (3) Good fortune
OTHER NOTES: Grows in tropical areas, desert
OTHER NAMES: Aloe vera (Toryan), atsét-ushal’sh (Kanet’valan)