Chapter 24: Melting Point

CWs: opioid and stimulant drug use (+discussion of), guns, implied human trafficking, subtle/microaggressive racism, racial profiling, self-harm scars And bitter waes the breath and braying on Brunhilde’s soul Whyn all she had waes lost or loathed or reveled as common cole her crowne she’d kep for good or ill, no kept courtisane she’d be so … Continue reading Chapter 24: Melting Point

Chapter 23: The Quiet Oak

CWs: bullying, exclusion trauma, loneliness I’ll admit — the first time I saw the kid, I got a bit nervous. Not because of the albino thing. I’ve met albino kids before, you know? It’s a medical condition, not that you’d think that with how some people go on about it. It’s that, well, you expect … Continue reading Chapter 23: The Quiet Oak

Ghosts in Quicksilver – 3.1 – Fractured Shadows

TWs: transphobia (mild, unspoken, complicated), obsession/stalkerishness (INTENSE), paranoid delusions/psychosis, imprisonment A long time ago, in a land that had not yet lost its magic or its gods, there was a witch who lived in the woods; this might be a story you know, I never really know with you, but her house wasn’t made of … Continue reading Ghosts in Quicksilver – 3.1 – Fractured Shadows

Chapter 22: A Note of Concern

CWs: hyperdevotion/cultlike thought patterns, kidnapping, threatened murder ABRAMS: How does it feel, being an adult?COBEN GARROW: Oh, um, I’m not sure. I haven’t been one for very long yet.ABRAMS: [laughs] That’s fair! I’m sure the tabloids have been on you about betrothals and engagements already.GARROW: Yes, although I’m afraid to say that’s still a ways … Continue reading Chapter 22: A Note of Concern

Chapter 21: Malachite Rising

CWs: drug use (opiates), violence, body/eye horror, psychosis, manhandling of a disabled person (reasonable in context), self-harm, injury to hands …but the wicked sorceror could find no purchase, for every blow he landed upon the princess’s form left her untouched. “What is this trickery?” he howled, unable to leave so much as a bruise upon … Continue reading Chapter 21: Malachite Rising