Alkimia Fables: Interview – Avery Lavolier

This is an in-character interview with Avery Lavolier from Ghosts in Quicksilver, taking place sometime between Book 2 and Book 3! Preorder Book 2 in paperback over here; wait for the free ebook release on July 15th; or catch up over here. Lights, camera, action; Avery Lavolier appears on the set holding a Bridgehead cup … Continue reading Alkimia Fables: Interview – Avery Lavolier

Alkimia Fables: A Little Broken, But Still Good

¬†¬†This is almost unheard of from me, but I wrote this as a 2020 Christmas Eve short pretty much on a whim. This takes place (sort of) in the Alkimia Fables canon, and features characters from Ghosts in Quicksilver, just after the projected end of the book. It's not entirely canon, but close enough. TW: … Continue reading Alkimia Fables: A Little Broken, But Still Good