Review: CONSUMED by David Cronenberg

David Cronenberg's debut novel Consumed is... weird. Not bad-weird and not quite good-weird either; like his famous movies, Consumed is a trip through a rabbit-hole of paranoia, conflicting truths, and a conspiracy theory that by the end of things seems to involve North Korea and spell doom for the two main journalists. I'll be honest. Consumed, as a novel trying to … Continue reading Review: CONSUMED by David Cronenberg

CONSUMED – Cronenberg – Chapter One Thoughts

I'm a big believer that if a book hasn't hooked you by Chapter One, there's no hope. Obviously there's some wiggle room for the books with super short chapters, but that's my guideline. So as I read Chapter One of Cronenberg's debut novel Consumed, I want to share my thoughts before my eventual review. One of the … Continue reading CONSUMED – Cronenberg – Chapter One Thoughts