The God Who Is Watching – Goretober 5th

prompt: lots of eyes tw: ptsd, dissociation, unreality, lots of eyes/mild eye horror, religious trauma, reckless use of the word 'picayune' the god who is watching is lying in waitin the chasm carved in the edge of the worlds.he waits, and he listens, and he stands, the contours are fuzzy -here, the walls are … Continue reading The God Who Is Watching – Goretober 5th

Scar Tissue Sirens /// Goretober 2nd

TW: implied sexual assault, sexism/misogyny scar tissue isn’t pretty, or charming, or softit doesn’t curtsey or spin in a dressor cling to your arm with admiring desireor avoid your gaze with a blush and caressscar tissue hides, although poorly, beneaththe chiffon and the lace and the tightly-drawn staysit’s firm to the touch – pushes back … Continue reading Scar Tissue Sirens /// Goretober 2nd