The Gremlin’s Library: The Death of Jane Lawrence

Trigger warnings for the review: some minor gore discussionTrigger warnings for the book: gore, surgical/body horror, ghosts, unreality/reality shifting shenanigans, period-typical misogyny (period is, like, Regency/Victorian-ish?) The Death of Jane Lawrence is a book I've once again deliberately stepped into while knowing very little about, and I'm very pleased to report that whether by luck … Continue reading The Gremlin’s Library: The Death of Jane Lawrence

First Chapter Thoughts: One Hundred Years Of Solitude

It's been so long since I did one of these! I've been slacking on my reading this year (for, ah, fairly good reasons) but I've been meaning to read my magical realism classics for a while. I started House of the Spirits a while ago and promptly... put it down and forgot where it went. … Continue reading First Chapter Thoughts: One Hundred Years Of Solitude

Chapter 26: Penumbral Whispers

CWs: unreality, suicide attempt trauma, mental illness/PTSD (SO MUCH), paranoia, drug discussion, closet anxiety/internalized homophobia The beliefs of the Southlanders are as varied as their tongues, but one sticks out to me in particular; that of ‘prophets’ or ‘seers’, who would speak of things that had passed, things unknown, or things yet to be; the … Continue reading Chapter 26: Penumbral Whispers

Chapter 25: Poppy and Peridot

CWs: drug use + related confrontation, self-harm (Bloodwork), casual racism, captivity(?), suicide attempt referenced, fantasy discrimination BLACK GUARD: FACT OR FICTION? The mystery prevails! Did Forrath’s special paramilitary force ever really exist? Tune in after these messages for an inside scoop with our very own Mick Abrams — where we’ll dig into the urban legend, … Continue reading Chapter 25: Poppy and Peridot

Chapter 3.2: Turn of the Screw

CWs: confinement, drug references, unpredictable temper Prison.           Kiera was a criminal. She’d broken out. That was why she was so different; why Isaiah was so unnerved by her.           Part of me was starting to agree with Kiera - not that that was fair to Jaylie. But she was bad enough now. What on … Continue reading Chapter 3.2: Turn of the Screw