All of my books are pay-what-you-want for their ebook copies, although of course I appreciate being paid! Below is a list of my books and links to where to buy and review them, starting with the most recent release.

GIQ book 1 cover smaller

Ghosts in Quicksilver is a New Adult urban fantasy/hopepunk serial, and Book One: Salt edits, refines and collects the first twenty chapters in a paperback, complete with images and author commentary.

Jamal Kaye is not what you would call ‘destined for success’. She’s a struggling teenager with a stubborn smoking habit (gross), a Facebook page for a private detective firm (employees: one) and an annoying ability to commune with the dead. But soon, she’s stuck with her first case – a missing persons case she already knows is a murder mystery – and before long, she’s pitched headfirst into Ottawa’s supernatural underbelly. Who is Greeneyes? Why do they care so much about Jamal? Time to find out, or become another statistic.

Trigger warnings include death/grief, PTSD, child abuse, implied sexual abuse, transphobia, homophobia, racism, police brutality, murder, stalking, gaslighting, ableism/sanism, unreality, hallucinations, violence against children, and attacks on/near a place of worship.

Read Online: AO3, WordPress
Digital/Ebook: PWYW
Physical: $15
Goodreads: Review it here!

shining wire cover - dithering2

The Shining Wire is a collection of poetry and prose, exploring what it’s like to be partially healed – almost better, but not there yet. The collection includes rabbits, robots, propositional calculus and Russian Roulette as themes.

Trigger warnings for this book include: mental health, dissociation and psychosis, partner abuse, emotional and physical, attempted suicide and suicidal thoughts, gun violence, self-harm, separation and abandonment, chronic illness, and ableism.

Digital: PWYW
Physical: $15 USD
Goodreads: Review it here!

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‘Post-Traumatic Anatomy’ is a 40-page chapbook of original poetry by Elliott Dunstan, centering around PTSD, trauma and borderline personality disorder. The cover is a design by Linda Mota of Rubberneck.

Trigger warnings include attempted suicide, self-harm, sexual assault and violent imagery.

Digital: PWYW
Physical: $15 USD
Goodreads: Review it here!

home is where the ghosts are cover final

‘Home is Where the Ghosts Are’, assembled May 2017, is 12 pages long and contains mixed poetry and prose telling a linked paranormal narrative. The narrator moves into their first apartment and finds traces of the old tenant left behind – both physical and spiritual.

Trigger warnings include drugs, death/grief, dolls, and minor violence.

Digital: PWYW

deep in the bone cover

‘Deep in the Bone’, first assembled in May 2015, is a 14-page collection of poetry and prose centered on the strange border between the mythic and the ordinary.

Trigger warnings are limited but include some very mild body horror and unreality triggers. It’s pretty chill.

Digital: PWYW


Ghosts in Quicksilver: Book Two: Sulfur
Chrysopoeia: An Alkimia Fables Anthology