Bell, Clock and Candle

Six years ago, a boy with no memories and no name washed up on the shore of Bay Frosch.

Three years ago, Csindra Djaneki left home and never looked back.

And centuries ago, something terrible poisoned the oceans, set fire to the sky… and has been lying in wait.

Bell, Clock and Candle is an epic-fantasy series with dieselpunk, steampunk, military-historical and climate-fic elements, posting in webserial format on WordPress (here!), Archive of Our Own, and Reddit. It is recommended for readers 18 and older, for heavy subject material including genocide, child sexual abuse, transphobia/transmisogyny, structural queerphobia and racism, ableism/sanism and self-harm as an intrinsic part of both the magic system and thematic material. (I don’t intend on including any graphic sexual scenes; if that changes, I will update this! So if you’re under 18 but feel equipped, go right on ahead.)

This page is a hub for all the material for Bell, Clock and Candle; for information on individual books, check out individual pages!

BOOK ONE: The Nowhere Bird (Begins August 15th)

Cast List (running)

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Read about the Kanet’valan language

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