This is for all my non-book publications! Poetry, non-fiction, short stories, etc.


‘Seeds of Home’ and ‘Blue Crocus’, Umbel & Panicle, Issue 13: Monsoon/Seasons, August 31st 2019. Online.

‘Bone Rune Testament’, Vamp Cat Mag, December 2018, Online

‘the voice of the bridge’. Bywords, September 2018. Ottawa, Ontario.

‘Tasting Spite At The Back Of Your Throat (May Seventeenth)’, page 17. Perfectly Normal Mag, July 2018. Online.

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‘Bismuth’, page 5. InWords Magazine & Press, Issue 15.2 (March 2016). Ottawa, Ontario.

‘The Shadow At My Feet’, page 14. Battleaxe Press, the bird philomela (June 2016). Ottawa, Ontario. (as Elliot Dunstan)


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‘Katabasis’, page 14. Corvus, vol. 8 (March 2018). Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario.

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“Safe”, page 9. 101 Fiction, Issue 9 (September 2015). Online.

‘The Golem’, page 5. Inwords Magazine & Press, Mythical Beasts chapbook (November 2014). Ottawa, Ontario.


Webcomics Journalist for Monkeys Fighting Robots – entire bibliography available here.

Review: Of Priests and Mermaids by J.C. Nova (Reedsy Discovery)

Review: The Adventures of Rockford T. Honeypot by Josh Gottsegen (Reedsy Discovery)

Review: Wergild: A Heartwarming Tale of Cold-Blooded Vengeance by Boris Slocum (Reedsy Discovery) 

Review: Devolution by Ami J. Sanghvi (Reedsy Discovery)

Review: Death by Miracle by Fowler Brown (Reedsy Discovery)

Review: We Are Omega by Justin Woolley (Reedsy Discovery)

Review: City of Whispers by J.D.L. Rosell (Reedsy Discovery)

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