About Me

I’m an Ottawa-based poet, historian and author with a special interest in queer history, mental illness, trauma and the places that time forgot. I’m also a Classics major with a minor in English, due to get my Bachelor’s next year and aiming to pursue a Master’s in Library Science.

Here, you’ll find links to my poetry chapbooks, my bibliography of more traditionally-published works, and my ongoing webnovel, Ghosts in Quicksilver. GIQ is a pet project of mine, bringing some of my favourite characters to live in the city that I’ve called home for more than a decade. It’s also part of a larger setting which I hope to make a collaborative effort once I can make all the pieces fit together.

If you’d like to contact me, you can email me at elliott.dunstan@gmail.com, or contact me on Twitter at @elliottdunstan. I’m also usually hanging around most of Ottawa’s larger writing events, so if you see me, come say hi!

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