The Nowhere Bird (Bell, Clock and Candle #1)

Six years ago, Rook washed up on the shore of Bay Frosch from a poison ocean, with no memories, no name, and no identity. Now, he works for the Elessan military as a thaumatist – a powerful mage enforcing the government’s law. But Rook’s looking for something else too; leads on his identity and the truth behind who he is, and when he picks up Csindra Djaneki, a sulky mercenary with Bloodwork abilities, she might be the key to the truth – or the beginning of something else entirely.

Meanwhile, the son of one of the highest members of government has gone missing, and uncontrolled wild magic stalks the streets – whether as a force of nature gone wrong, though, or a killer with a mind of its own, it’s not clear…yet.

Reference Pages:

Bell, Clock and Candle (Full Series Page)

Dramatis Personae (Cast)

A Quick Linguistic Guide

Smokework (Magic & Medicine)

Elessa (Glossary & Places)

Trigger warnings for The Nowhere Bird include drowning, self-harm/cutting, attempted suicide and suicidal ideation, drug use, structural homophobia and transphobia, fascist dictatorships, structural and endemic racism/anti-indigeneity, anti-sex worker sentiment, pedophilia and pedophilic trafficking, genocide and body horror. None of these entail endorsement and are far more likely to be condemnation or consideration.


PROLOGUE: The Shore (August 15th)

ONE: First Cut (August 30th)

TWO: Sliver Moon (September 15th)

THREE: Diffraction Lens (September 30th)

FOUR: Overtures and Scherzos (October 15th)

FIVE: Steady Drip (October 30th)

SIX: Lessons in Refraction (November 15th)

SEVEN: Scar Tissue (November 30th)

EIGHT: Thistle and Vervain (December 15th)

NINE: Eye for an Eye (December 30th)

TEN: Ancient Tales (January 15th)

ELEVEN: Endless Waters (January 30th)

TWELVE: Safeguards Against Chaos (February 15th)

THIRTEEN: Jasper Crescent (February 28th)

FOURTEEN: Low Tide (March 15th)

FIFTEEN: Porcelain and Steel (March 30th)

SIXTEEN: Aeolian Twilight (April 15th)

SEVENTEEN: Silvered Back (April 30th)

EIGHTEEN: Nightshade Pupils (May 15th)

NINETEEN: Fox and Wolf (May 30th)

TWENTY: Lunar Shadows (June 15th)

TWENTY-ONE: Malachite Rising (June 30th)

TWENTY-TWO: A Note of Concern (July 15th)

TWENTY-THREE: The Quiet Oak (July 30th)