I offer:
Editing (C
opy Editing, Line Editing, Substantive Editing, Sensitivity Reading,)
Research and Fact-Checking
Commissioned Writing

To contract me for any of the services below, please contact me at with the following information:

  • Specific service requested
  • Length of manuscript/project
  • Type of manuscript/project
  • Ideal turnaround time
  • Other information that seems important

All prices are in USD.

Requests for free sensitivity reads or edits out of nowhere will be deleted; however, if I know you, I’m willing to negotiate trade edits on manuscripts of roughly the same size. I’m all about writers helping writers! For long projects (100+ pages), send me a 3-page preview and I’ll do an in-depth sample edit of those 3 pages so you can get a sense of my style.

I’ll take on most projects that sound interesting, but I’m at my best with the following types of short stories and novels:

  • Psychological, spiritual or existential horror
  • Splatterpunk, body horror, etc. (I’m not interested in exploitation work. Know the difference.)
  • Urban and mythic fantasy
  • Poetic inspiration, “purple” prose, bizarre narratives, switching timelines
  • Queer romance, especially the messier and stranger kinds; polyamory, breakups, mutual coping, queerplatonic partners, etc.
  • “Soft” sci-fi
  • Mythic retellings, especially queer, disabled, POC, feminist or otherwise narrative-adjusting ones

Please don’t query me for:

  • Romance with no representation. Romance is a hard sell for me a lot of the time anyway, and I don’t have much to add unless you want a sensitivity read for something.
  • Actively racist, ableist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. work. I – Why would you query me for this in the first place?
  • The third or fourth book in a series if you won’t let me read the first few.
  • Murder mysteries.
  • Anything about cis heterosexual men getting very drunk and smoking a lot.
  • Screenplays


Copy editing (0.005/wd): Includes proofreading, checking for typos, grammar edits, basic flow and formatting.

Line editing (0.01/wd): Focuses on language use, sentence structure, communication of thoughts, etc.

Substantive and stylistic editing (0.02/wd): Includes paragraph structure, word choice, organization and voice.

Sensitivity reading (0.005/wd): I am qualified to read for:

  • deaf/Deaf/HoH characters and issues
  • transmasculine and non-binary characters
  • chronically ill characters, developmental disorders (mostly autism)
  • mental illnesses including but not limited to PTSD, C-PTSD, Cluster B personality disorders (BPD, NPD, HPD, etc.) anxiety and depression
  • abuse and abuse survivor characters of all kinds.
  • asexual, aromantic and aroace characters and themes

I offer a 15% discount on any MS over 50k. I am also willing to offer additional discounts to marginalized authors – contact me for additional information.

Fact-Checking and Research

You need to know more about a topic for your novel but you don’t know where to start – or, you already wrote about a topic but you want somebody with the background in the topic to look it over. That’s where fact-checking and research comes in! I charge hourly to cover how time-consuming research can be, but you can always set a cap and I’ll keep you updated.

Includes reading a manuscript after-the-fact, isolating factual errors, researching and suggesting minor changes. All research will be compiled into an accessible bibliography for continued reference.

Doing research on a given topic to a certain amount of specificity. All research will be compiled into an annotated, accessible bibliography that can then be used for your writing. Ex: “I am writing a book about the queer community in Ottawa in the 1990s and my cap is 100 dollars.” I will then do as much research on that community as possible in 6 hours, put my sources into a document, annotate each of them with important notes and deliver it to you.

I offer fact-checking and research for the following topics; query me about possible others and I’ll see what I can do.

  • Mental illness and mental illness history, with a specialization in personality disorders
  • Ancient Greek and Roman history, mythology and literature, with a specialization in the Ancient Bronze Age and Trojan War.
  • European mythology, with a specialization in fairy tale and Arthurian legend
  • Christian and Jewish history, with a specialization in Biblical archaeology
  • General archaeological practice
  • Queer history, with a specialization in North America (NB: I am equipped to research this for Great Britain, Ireland and Australasia, but other sources should be consulted for Asian and African countries due to language barriers.)

(What’s the difference between fact-checking and sensitivity reading? Sensitivity reading is about impression and emotion; you want me to feel good about your story, and it focuses on me as a marginalized editor. Fact-checking, on the other hand, is much more about the solid facts of history. Often the two will overlap, but one I will pull from my own history and the other I’ll find articles stating what I need.)


For prose work, I charge $12 USD per 1000 words, and will write just about anything except pure romance. Please query for a full list of will and won’ts – my availability for established settings varies – but I’m open to queries pretty much always.

For poetry, I charge about $10-20 USD per poem, depending on format. Again, a query will help me get more information.


“Elliott was my first sensitivity reader and made the experience an easy one! He met my deadline and gave me excellent, thorough feedback that made my manuscript a million times better. I’m grateful for his help and would recommend his services to anyone.” -Devyn Fussman, 2019

“Very responsive. Fast turnaround. Received valuable insights and advice.” -Matt Hope, 2020

“I hired Elliott to edit the copy for my new website, and was very pleased with his work. Elliott has a beautifully thoughtful way of explaining issues that I hadn’t noticed were there, and I look forward to working with him more.” – Ky Harrison, 2020
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