Chapter 19: Fox and Wolf

CW: paranoia, racism/anti-miscegenation Two representatives from every family shall sit in the Parliamentary Assembly, one the elder and one the younger, between the ages of twenty-one and seventy, and in this way shall the voice of each of our illustrious families be heard.Elessan Law Code I think it’s ridiculous to pretend that the Garrows have … Continue reading Chapter 19: Fox and Wolf

All The Lonely People /// a poetic flash fiction

tw: childhood (sexual) abuse, PTSD/mental illness There’s a ringing in the air that she can’t quite placea little everywhere, every moment, when she turns her headhere and there, like the calm before the storm, like the risingof a quake, the seismographic shake, and it follows, follows, follows— She is twenty-nine years old; she works at … Continue reading All The Lonely People /// a poetic flash fiction

Chapter 18: Nightshade Pupils

CW: implied-but-clear transmisogyny/homophobia, bullying, violence, implied sexual assault, ableism, racism/colorism/anti-indigeneity (sort of ticks all the boxes) The last polio epidemic to sweep Elessa was from 1896-1898. To the horror of manor families, proletariat and disenfranchised alike, however, the Judge showed a shocking lack of interest in slowing its spread. Rather than using the emergency powers … Continue reading Chapter 18: Nightshade Pupils

Chapter 17: Silvered Back

When Csindra woke up on the spare bed that was still a little dusty, but ultimately comfortable enough, she was tempted to believe that the previous night had been a dream. The cuts on her arms told her differently; so did the burns that were still aching, although Rook had done a good job with helping them heal a little faster. Still, it would have been easier.

Chapter 16: Aeolian Twilight

CW: war, death (incl. parental death), injury shé-l-atìrin', eth’drital’ba, sha-dæl’ʤibez ì’hum sho-kélis’ziþunuz meleǩ’ shua-zhenadjaz, benadjez bą^ sheǩ^tesætézenuval’rązot, avol’rązot, vel’rąz^ - isha suǩa sharal?æʤa en’djaǩajot, eshną nedbą tek en’djeǩ’ djukal’.The candle and the picture-frame, the shoes upon the floorThe empty eyes of our boys, the girls who cry no moreWe sing, we play, we tell our … Continue reading Chapter 16: Aeolian Twilight