Chapter 20: Lunar Shadows

CWs: violence, racism/anti-indigeneity, starvation (referenced/implied), drug use (opiates this time, whew), body horror And O, I have seen the lotus-eatersdrinking laudanum and winewith voices loud and hollowwith nothing left inside—O, thy tempting nature railsagainst the strength of every souldo not eat the fruits of Lethekeep your virtue whole.Prohibitionist and anti-alcohol activist Andrew Matthesohn Wilkes, 1919, … Continue reading Chapter 20: Lunar Shadows

Chapter 19: Fox and Wolf

CW: paranoia, racism/anti-miscegenation Two representatives from every family shall sit in the Parliamentary Assembly, one the elder and one the younger, between the ages of twenty-one and seventy, and in this way shall the voice of each of our illustrious families be heard.Elessan Law Code I think it’s ridiculous to pretend that the Garrows have … Continue reading Chapter 19: Fox and Wolf

All The Lonely People /// a poetic flash fiction

tw: childhood (sexual) abuse, PTSD/mental illness There’s a ringing in the air that she can’t quite placea little everywhere, every moment, when she turns her headhere and there, like the calm before the storm, like the risingof a quake, the seismographic shake, and it follows, follows, follows— She is twenty-nine years old; she works at … Continue reading All The Lonely People /// a poetic flash fiction

Chapter 18: Nightshade Pupils

CW: implied-but-clear transmisogyny/homophobia, bullying, violence, implied sexual assault, ableism, racism/colorism/anti-indigeneity (sort of ticks all the boxes) The last polio epidemic to sweep Elessa was from 1896-1898. To the horror of manor families, proletariat and disenfranchised alike, however, the Judge showed a shocking lack of interest in slowing its spread. Rather than using the emergency powers … Continue reading Chapter 18: Nightshade Pupils