The Battle of Billings Bridge

Dedicated with love to Zexi Li, Sam Hersh, Shawn Menard, Catherine McKenney, Jeff Leiper, Noelle Narwhal, the Ram Ranch Resistance and so many others who have been fighting to make Ottawa safe; as well as the Algonquin-Anishinaabe peoples of Ottawa and the First Nations, Indigenous, Inuit, and Metis people across Canada who have been mourning … Continue reading The Battle of Billings Bridge

Chapter 11: Endless Waters

CW: death/murder, body horror, background racism Prior to the Forrath years, deaths from feral magic were matters of people wandering out-of-bounds, or active attacks. However, as Forrath’s influence grew worse, something equally terrible began to rise in response to his cruelties; humans attempting to bypass the intense study of structured magic entirely and make deals … Continue reading Chapter 11: Endless Waters

The Gremlin’s Library: Certain Dark Things by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

TWs for Certain Dark Things, and to a lesser degree this review, include violence, cartels/drug wars, and a particular character who threatens a lot of sexual violence but never thankfully gets around to it. I've been falling more and more in love with Silvia Moreno-Garcia's writing for a few years now, starting with Gods of … Continue reading The Gremlin’s Library: Certain Dark Things by Silvia Moreno-Garcia