Six of Crows – Bardugo – Chapter 1&2 Thoughts

So I initially was going to do a Chapter One pre-review and then before I knew it I was at the end of Chapter 2 – which says a lot about how much I like this book already!

Six of Crows is dark fantasy, set in a city called Ketterdam. Unlike most ‘high’ fantasy or otherworld fantasy novels, there’s no immediate quest and no heroes; instead, the first chapter revolves around a guard in love with a magician and the second features a tense meeting between two rival gangs. The writing style is clear and entertaining, and while Joost in the first chapter is slightly annoying and hard to get interested in, the introduction of Kaz Brekker in Chapter Two has me completely, entirely invested.

One thing that intrigues me the most so far is the nature of the Grisha. Is their magic inborn? Are they human? The first chapter established that they’re indentured servants, but I want to know mooore.

I’ll have a full review ready once I’m done! And considering how eminently readable Six of Crows is, it won’t take long.

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