Zine Review: ‘Greek Goddesses: A Beginner’s Guide’ by Sarah Julian

I was at CanZine Ottawa over the weekend and picked up some fabulous independent zines! For those unfamiliar, zines are small, handmade or independently-made magazines; kind of like pocketbooks or broadsides, usually no more than 10 pages. Sometimes they’re photocopied, other times (especially in the last decade) they’re made on the computer and then printed out.

Greek Goddesses: A Beginner’s Guide by Sarah Julian is one of the latter – a collection of colour-printed art with hilarious, only-somewhat-accurate captions about the Ancient Greek Goddesses. With cleaner lines and brighter colours than many zines, it’s only 10 quarter-size pages but well worth the $5.


Without spoiling the surprise, the captions have a distinctly feminist slant to them. Also, Aphrodite’s tits are out, quite unashamedly.

I’m also extremely fond of Sarah Julian’s art style, especially after looking at some more of their gallery on their Instagram at juliansarah24. I’ll be keeping my eyes open for more!

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