ICYMI: October Roundup – 10 New Singles You Need To Hear

Who can keep track of new music these days? There’s so much new music out there that it’s both a blessing and a curse – sometimes songs that otherwise would be perfect gems sink to the bottom. Here are ten October releases you might have missed, ranging all over the genre charts!

  1. MIKA – “Domani”

Most people know MIKA best for hit songs “Grace Kelly” and “Lollipop” – borderline-manic sugary pop with a darker, human appeal. His latest release has left some of the sparkly coating behind, but the songwriting skill is more obvious than ever.

“Domani” is actually a B-side of the album My Name is Michael Holbrook, which dropped in October; it’s the Italian version of the track “Tomorrow”. However, there’s something about the Italian version that hits harder. Italian is one of the 4 or so languages that Mika speaks fluently, and the longing in the lyrics is even more present in this version.

Read the rest at Substream Magazine!


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