ICYMI: Reedsy Review – City of Whispers by J.D.L. Rosell

An intricate, sometimes confusing, fantasy thriller with a touch of eldritch and gorgeous worldbuilding.

‘City of Whispers’ is a complex and sometimes confusing dark-fantasy adventure, following Airene and her Finches as they try to uncover the truth. I deeply enjoyed this book, and more and more the further through the novel I got.

First, the good – the setting of ‘City of Whispers’ is gorgeously developed. With clear inspirations from Ancient Greece (the characters wear chitons, have names like Airene and Lykos, and even the democracy and social structure borrows from Ancient Athens), the city of Oedija feels like a real place, with interclass tensions and a rich history illustrated in snippets from fictional recordings at the beginning of each chapter.

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City of Whispers is also on Goodreads.

One response to “ICYMI: Reedsy Review – City of Whispers by J.D.L. Rosell”

  1. I appreciated what you wrote about why it is only three stars. I have a book now that I’m enjoying, but wondering if it is overly complex with types of characters and a world that take more time to understand than typical books.


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