Ghosts in Quicksilver: Book Two: Sulfur – Preorders Open!

Hello everyone! Preorders for Book Two: Sulfur are officially open – woohoo! The preorder period runs from February 10th to April 15th. Book Three will then start posting on May 1st! (I originally said April, but April is turning out to be a hell month. In the best way, but still.) The initial announcement was over here, by RJ Sorrento. The cover, also displayed below, is by the amazing María J. Rozas, who also did the cover for Book One!

There are two preorder sets available. The first one, for just Book Two itself, is here! You get the paperback for Book Two: Sulfur, the ebook, stickers, and a bonus preorder story. The preorder story for Book Two is about Isaiah Persad and Mrs. Chaudhury, in a little moment aside from the main story.

The second preorder set is great for new readers! For a special price, you get the paperbacks for both Book One and Two, as well as both preorder stories. The story for Book One is from Johara’s perspective prior to the series.

Important note – the above isn’t the only way to now get paperbacks of Book One, but it is the cheapest. After preorders close, Book One paperbacks will (hopefully) be restocked in the store; it depends on what sells, since so much relies on minimum orders from the printer, but you get a lot more bang for your buck getting both books together. If you’re uncertain about diving into the series, ebooks for the series will always be pay-what-you-want over at Payhip or available to read online here or AO3; the downloadable version of Book One is over here.

And FINALLY, here is a list of content warnings for Book Two. I will also be compiling a list for Book One and for the series as a whole to put on the series page, but this is for people to know what they’re getting into.

Self-harm (aftermath)
Child sexual abuse (discussed/backstory)
Domestic violence and murder (discussed/backstory)
Gun violence
Mind control
Dead bodies
Dissociation, mental illness, PTSD flashbacks, etc.
Racism (particularly internalized and effects of, dynamics called out)**
Institutional/psychiatric abuse and racism
Psychosis, unreality/hallucinations, delusions
Car crashes (backstory/trigger)
Queerphobia/lesbophobia (backstory/impact of in present)
Queer/leftist community infighting

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