Dramatis Personae – Ghosts in Quicksilver

Art by Cuil (@cuiwi)



Age: 17
Pronouns: she/her
Race: Unknown, but definitely in the ‘brown’ category.
Ethnicity: Unknown. It’s kind of a sore point.
Element: Salt
Relationships: Johara (sister)
Theme Song: Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf) by AWOLNATION

Private detective (sort of) and not really a medium. Kind of a misanthrope, a little depressed, and really, really introverted. Likes girls, doesn’t like sex, kinda likes relationships? Super doesn’t like boys.


chapter 12 banner
Art by Crow


Age: 14
Pronouns: she/her
Race: Mostly unknown, but enough Black heritage to be obvious/labelled as Black
Ethnicity: Unknown
Element: Unknown
Relationships: Jamal (sister)
Theme Song: King and Lionheart by Of Monsters and Men

Dead, still adjusting to it. Jamal’s conscience, not always a very good one. Idealistic to the point of naivete, but she’s fourteen and thinks that’s a pretty good excuse. Really scary when she’s mad. Really likes biology.


Art by Ida Dobnik


Age: 27
Pronouns: they/them
Race: Black
Ethnicity: Quebecois and Bajun
Element: Sulfur
Relationships: Andre Lavolier (father); Esme Sealy (mother)
Theme Song: Into The Fire by Thirteen Senses

Cab driver by trade, neutral ground by choice, collector of strays and director of supernatural and paranormal traffic. Accidentally cryptic, purposefully cool. Demisexual, buddies with Dionysus, only a bit goth.



Willow by Cuiwi
Art by Cuil


Age: 20
Pronouns: she/her, they/them
Race: White
Ethnicity: Canadian? Why are you asking her this? (Her family’s French.)
Element: Sulfur
Relationships: Cassandra (twin sister), Jason (brother), Alex (brother)
Theme Song: I Can’t Decide – Scissor Sisters

Ex-sex worker (still dabbles from time to time), reformed conwoman and the perkiest punk you’ll ever meet. ADHD, BPD and a multitude of other acronyms that she’s not shy to tell you about. Pretends to hate poetry until you recognize the Allen Ginsberg quote on her t-shirt. Kind of harsh on newbies, not on purpose; she’s just not good at subtlety.




Age: 20

cassandra by adigoesswimming
Art by @Adigoesswimming

Pronouns: she/her
Race: White
Ethnicity: Canadian, French-European background
Element: Air
Relationships: Willow (twin sister), Jason (brother), Alex (brother)
Theme Song: Shalott – Emilie Autumn

Writes everything down and was that one straight-A student everyone hated until she accidentally blew up her house. Currently quasi-homeless and the ‘boss’ of sorts of the downtown area for elementals. Doesn’t feel physical pain, which is not the advantage you think it is. Aroace and autistic; whenever somebody brings up the “triple-A” thing she threatens to dangle them off a building.