INTERVIEW: Melissa Capriglione and Clara W. on Falconhyrste [LINK]

Webcomics come in all colors, and Melissa Capriglione and Clara W.’s collaboration project Falconhyrste is a dazzling array of them. From bright blues and pinks to a diverse set of skin tones and vibrant expressions, the fantasy webcomic makes a point of popping off the page.

Falconhyrste (started in 2015) follows a young trans boy Cei in his first year of a bizarre boarding school. After a spooky experience in the woods that leaves him half-conscious, a strange girl walks out of the forest and announces that she’s a new student. But who is she, and what is up with the spooky forest and weird school anyway?

I sat down with Melissa Capriglione with some questions about the comic! Read the full interview on Monkeys Fighting Robots here.

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