The Shining Wire – Preorders Open & Cover Reveal!

Hello everyone! After a lot of work, my experimental poetry and prose chapbook THE SHINING WIRE is now available for preorder on my Storenvy!

First things first – while advanced reading copies went out a few days ago, they went out with a cover. That means that I get to do a very fancy cover reveal. With no further ado –

shining wire cover - smaller

THE SHINING WIRE is a surreal journey through a disjointed identity, chronicling characters desperately trying to pull themselves together and do more than just survive. The key question in THE SHINING WIRE is what comes after the nightmare? What comes between the crisis and the happy ending? In Red Roulette, Jenny Crimson knows what needs to happen, but explaining it to the other half of her is a harder task. In Crowfeeder, a relationship on its last legs finally collapses, and Aidan tries not to fall back into old patterns. In the Reprogramming Sequence – a series of poems written in pseudocode – executive dysfunction and pattern responses are seen through the lens of an operating system.

This chapbook is 40 pages with two illustrations, seventeen poems, and four short stories. The preorder package comes with a print copy, an ebook copy (a choice of a full-formatted copy, or a version in plain text that works with screenreaders), two stickers and a bookmark. There’s only twenty preorder packages, and the preorder period closes on September 30th. Regular sales will begin on October 6th.

WARNING: Trigger warnings for THE SHINING WIRE include – and are in no way limited to – gun violence, attempted suicide (not graphic but not whitewashed either), psychosis, abusive behaviours, domestic abuse, miscarriage, depression, needles and abandonment.

The preorder link is here:
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