1.2 – Calypso – Lessons for 21st Century Nobility

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children should be seen not heard ˑ what is love without fear ˑ what is fear without love

Song: Honeythief by Halou

Loving your family is a matter of pride –
you don’t abandon blood.
Hate me if you want, you’ll be back in a while –
Face it, my children, you’re stuck.
Besides, who else will love you, my flawed little angels?
Who could adore you as much as me?
I can hide your imperfections,
I know just where to find them,
this is where you were born to be.

Family always comes first –
Family secrets and connections and shame;
Your happiness is never more important –
remember the weight of a recognized name.
Remember the debt that you owe to your parents;
we brought you into this life that’s held so dear –
if it weren’t for us then you would have nothing –
it’s thanks to us that you’re even here.
Loving your family is a matter of dignity;
everybody else is just passing in the end.
Nobody loves you like your mother does –
she’ll pick out the vultures and fairweather friends.
Keep your head high no matter the cost,
cover your bruises with whatever you can.
They’re just imperfections –
it’s so easy to hide them –
and nothing of value is lost.

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