Scar Tissue Sirens /// Goretober 2nd

TW: implied sexual assault, sexism/misogyny

scar tissue isn’t pretty, or charming, or soft
it doesn’t curtsey or spin in a dress
or cling to your arm with admiring desire
or avoid your gaze with a blush and caress
scar tissue hides, although poorly, beneath
the chiffon and the lace and the tightly-drawn stays
it’s firm to the touch – pushes back on your grip
a core of black iron says enough is enough
that’s the thing about girls (though not all girls are girls)
who have learned all the steps through error and trial
we have felt hands like yours, countless times before
and built up the scars to support our sweet smiles.
(and that core of black iron, if you were to push –
turn your hands into claws that demand what you’re owed
though wreathed in chiffon and corsets and lace
we’re well able to give you some scars of your own.)

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